My sister is a United States citizen should she file an i-130 petition for me?

I entered the United States with a Visa but it expired should my sister file an i-130 for me? Are there any advantages or disadvantages? Would I have to do consular processing?

A: If your sister is not a US citizen, she could not file an I-130 for you. If she is a US citizen, it would still take more than 10 years before you could apply for a green card based on your sister’s petition. You would have to do consular processing, but if you leave after spending more than a year in the US without legal status, you will then have to wait outside the US another 10 years!

It may be possible for you to adjust status (obtain a green card without leaving the US), but only if your US citizen spouse, parent or adult child files a petition for you. The laws regarding “unlawful presence” and the resulting 3-year and 10-year “bars” are complicated and harsh, so you will need to understand them clearly, in order to make the best choice as to what path will be the best one.

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