A risk for staying in the US?

My parents-in-law just had the visa interview at the consulate in Caracas, Venezuela. They were both denied. My mother in law was just trying to renew hers, because her 10-year visa expires in May this year. Well, the renewal was denied AND they suspended her current one so instead of expiring in May, it is expired effective immediately. They are both in they 60’s, they own their house, my father in law is retired. They were planning on coming to be here for the birth of our baby. Any ideas why they are considered a risk for remaining in the US?

A: Unfortunately, much of the decision-making process for such visas is subjective – how the officer ‘feels’ about you can make all the difference in the world. So the fact your mother-in-law was granted the visa several years ago does not guarantee that another officer will approve the visa now.

It could have been something one of them said that didn’t please the officer. Or, maybe some circumstances have changed since the previous visa was granted, such as your father-in-law retiring? Changes in the political climate between the US and Venezuela could also have played a role.

The consular officer is supposed to provide a written explanation of the reasons for denial. That might be helpful in figuring out the issue (although sometimes the explanation is too vague to be useful).

I would try to contact the consulate, by telephone or email, to see if more information is available.

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